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We are a family of four that lives in small town in eastern Iowa. Spending quality time with our family is very important to us.  What better way to do that than to sit down as a family and play quality board games?  It keeps the entire family engaged and forces some deep thinking for the kids.

These board game reviews will be done with the perspective of encouraging and nurturing that precious family time.


Game Overview: Playing as a rival Mage, you will battle it out by playing spell cards as you attempt to drain the energy crystals of your opponent or gain enough sorcery sapphires to walk away as the victor and be awarded the title of Grand Master Spellcaster.  <Full Review>

Eight Minute empire

Game Overview: A quick playing game that can be played in 15-20 minutes where you are attempting to build an empire and conquer lands throughout the map.  Armies are represented by wood blocks and cities by wooden discs.  You will attempt to add to your army and cities and then moving your armies, so that you control either a region or an entire continent.  While making every effort to reign over the land, you are also attempting to obtain sets of goods which provide an additional path to victory.  <Full Review>

Top 25/30 Games-2018

We have compiled and released our top 25-30 games as of 2018.   <Chad's Top 25> <Jenni's Top 25>, <Coby's Top 25>, and <Cade's Top 25>.

Scrooge the board game

Game Overview: Set in the streets of London in the early 1900’s, you immerse yourself into the world of Charles Dickens as you try to save Ebenezer Scrooge from his bah humbug ways by facing off with him in Scrooge’s moment of truth.  Will Scrooge continue to be set in his ways or will you help him see the light and transfer him into a kinder, gentler man?  <Full Review>


Game Overview: Rebuilding a previously renowned civilization that has now been destroyed, you will be trying to reclaim lost ruins along with collecting stones which will help you reestablish wonders of the world.  This is accomplished through dice placement and set collection of both ruin cards and stones.  When the end of age occurs, time is running out to finish your civilization before the winner is determined.  <Full Review>

A dog's life

Game Overview: Living alone and in the streets, you control one of six dog breeds (German Shepherd, Poodle, Fox Terrier, Yellow Labrador, Whippet, and Boxer) as they make their away around the city.  Playing as a dog, you must find food, drink water, avoid the dog catcher, deliver newspapers, fight other dogs, and mark your territory.  All the while, you are looking for three bones to be returned to your den to be buried.  Be the first dog to do this and you win the game.  <Full Review>

Vikings gone wild

Game Overview: Based on a popular video game, Vikings Gone Wild is transformed into a deck building game that also includes resource management using gold bars and beer barrels.  You will play as the head of a Viking clan fighting against the others to prove to the Gods who is the best.  You accomplish this by completing missions, successfully attacking other players, being able to defend from those attacks, upgrading your town hall to its highest level, and ensuring you capture any end game bonuses.  <Full Review>


Game Overview: As a lab assistant, you are trying to culture a highly volatile microorganism, BIOTIX.  Trying to impress the lead scientist, you are adding BIOTIX to your petri dish to create a flourishing culture.  At the same time, you are adding BIOTIX to other player’s petri dishes which bring them to the edge of disaster or worse yet, catastrophic explosions.  Over three days (rounds), you want to impress the lead scientist more than your opponents to win the game.  <Full Review>


Game Overview: Lead three wizards into a magical battle set in the kingdom of Aldramere.  Each wizard on your team will have their own unique movement and spells to be cast upon the other wizards and onto the arena battlefield.  The modular arena battlefield can be set up in different ways along with whichever obstacles you choose, which will come into play during the battle.  If you come out victorious, you will be crowned the champion of Aldramere.  <Full Review>

Monster lab card game

Game Overview: Playing as a mad scientist, you will be gathering spare monster parts from the graveyard.  Looking for parts that have the same sizes and DNA, you will combine the parts to create crazy and humorous monsters.  By using the monsters you have created and by also storing monster parts in your storeroom, you are trying to have five monster samples to win the game.  Beware though as players can attack you and play cards directly attacking your lab.  In addition, you always have to watch out for Monster Hunter’s that may be found in the graveyard as you attempt to gather the parts needed to be victorious.  <Full Review>

draconis invasion

Game Overview: A deck building game in which you are protecting the kingdom by gathering an army to battle against an evil that has appeared at your borders.  Each player will battle the multiple invaders of Draconis by obtaining gold that is used to hire mighty warriors to defend the kingdom while avoiding terror cards that get in the way of being victorious.  <Full Review>

Pie Rats of the carob Bean farm

Game Overview: You play as a Pie Rat (Pirate) Captain that is attempting to lure additional rats that will join your crew.  Beware though as other Captains will use their charisma to lure your crew members who are not loyal to you.  Once you have a crew of Pie Rats and if you have enough strength, you can attempt to loot pies from the window sill of the farmer’s wife.  Loot the pies with the most victory points and you will come out victorious.  <Full Review>

Wizard's Academy

Game Overview: Playing as a team in this cooperative game, you are students just starting to learn magic that sometimes works as expected and sometimes creates unexpected havoc.  Each student has a unique ability and you must rely on your knowledge (or lack of) of magic as you attempt to protect the Wizard’s academy from imps, trolls, demons, fires, and floods.  <Full Review>